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Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing


Launch your career as a Social Media Marketer. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. No degree or prior experience is required to get started.


Skills You will Gain: Performance Advertising, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Content Management, Marketing Content Development, Campaign Management, Ad Management


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Duration 2 months 7h

About this Professional Diploma

Want to turn your passion for social media into a career? In this program, you’ll learn how to create a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram that people want to follow! Social media marketing jobs are amongst the most in-demand skills for organizations of all sizes.

Whether you’re completely new to digital marketing or you’ve been tinkering with social media platforms for your own business, you’ve come to the right place. This six-course program designed by experts at Meta and Aptly will provide an introduction to digital marketing and all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok and more to prepare you with the skills and tools needed to grow an engaging social community and run effective social media advertising.

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll:

Get exclusive access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board—a job search platform that connects you with 200+ employers who have committed to sourcing talent through Meta’s certificate programs, as well as career support resources to help you with your job search.

Earn both a Professional Certificate and the Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification, showcasing your skills in social media marketing and the use of Meta Ads Manager to potential employers.

Programme Highlights

When you subscribed to this programme, you will get


222 Videos


81 Reading Articles


52 Quizzes


1 Capstone Project

1 Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certificate Exam

Programme Modules


Module 1: Introduction to Social Media Marketing

(The Social Media Landscape), (Social Media Platforms Overview), (Goals and Planning for Success), (Understand Your Audience), (Choose Your Social Media Channels) 


Module 2: Social Media Management

(Establish Your Presence), (Social Media Content), (Social Media Content Management), (Evaluate Your Efforts)


Module 3: Fundamentals of Social Media Advertising

(Introduction to Social Media Advertising), (Creating Effective Ads on Social Media), (Data, Privacy and Policies on Social Media), (Getting Started with Advertising on Facebook and Instagram), (Create a Creative Brief for Your Social Media Ad) 


Module 4: Advertising with Meta

(First Steps in Ads Manager), (Determine Your Campaign Objective and Budget), (Select Your Audience, Platforms and Schedule), (Create Your Ads and Evaluate Your Campaign Results), (Build Your Own Campaign in Ads Manager)


Module 5: Measure and Optimize Social Media Marketing Campaigns

(Evaluate Your Marketing Results Against Goals), (Measure Your Advertising Effectiveness), (Optimize Your Ad Campaigns), (Communicate Your Marketing Results) 


Module 6: Meta Social Media Marketing Capstone

(Program Capstone Course Overview), (Program Capstone Project), (Take the Meta Digital Marketing Associate Certification Exam)

Why Enroll for Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing jobs are amongst the most in-demand skills for organizations of all sizes. The average US salary for a senior social media manager is $63,000 but can be as high as $90,000. Entry-level social media marketing jobs like a coordinator start at $32,000 while social media director salaries can reach well over $100,000.1

On completion of the certificate, you’ll gain access to a consortium of employers looking to fill social media marketing jobs with new talent.


Why Enrol on the Programme (1)


Started a new career after completing this specialization.


Got a pay increase or promotion


Upon successful completion of Social Media Marketing, participants will be awarded a verified

i) Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing by Mantissa College Career Academy

ii) Digital certificate by Meta

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