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Professional Diploma in Salesforce Sales Development Representa


Unlock your potential in tech sales. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career as an entry-level Sales Development Representative (SDR).

No degree or prior experience is required.


Skills you will gain: Sales Development, Interviewing, Sales, Time Management, Cold Calling, Teamwork, Personal Advertisement, Audience, Personal Branding, Resume Writing, Cold Email, Objection Handling


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Duration 4 months

About this Professional Diploma


If you’ve always wanted a rewarding career, the tech sales industry may be the path for you. If you’re an ambitious problem-solver who likes to win, you’ll find tech sales not only fulfilling, but lucrative as well. As the tech industry continuously introduces innovative services and products, tech sales roles have become more crucial than ever. SDRs are in the front lines of the tech biz, connecting with customers and clients, and coming up with the smartest solutions for their problems. Sales Development Representatives aren’t just important to the business — they’re essential.

Tech sales will be a gratifying career if you’re looking to pivot career paths, or if you have previous experience in retail sales, but want to take that experience to a totally new level in tech. Do you enjoy engaging with customers? Do you need to be immersed in a value-driving, stimulating industry that’s constantly giving you new, exciting challenges? Would you like to thrive in a high-energy environment that’s collaborative and data-driven? Then it sounds like Tech Sales is for you.

Your next job could be at one of SV Academy’s 400+ high-growth employer partners. Top companies like Survey Monkey, InsideView, Vimeo, Handshake, Gainsight, or Palo Alto Networks, are hiring Sales Development Representatives in the U.S. for revenue-generating roles. No experience in tech or sales is required to pursue a new, awesome career in Tech Sales. This Professional Certificate is where you start.

Programme Highlights

When you subscribed to this programme, you will get


228 Videos


112 Reading Articles


99 Quizzes

Programme Modules


Module 1: Groundwork for Success in Sales Development

(Break into the World of Tech Sales, Adopt the Winning Professional Mindset, Crush Goals through Time Management and Prioritization, Collaborate in a Top-Performing Team)


Module 2: Foundations for Interviewing with Confidence

(Unlock a Rewarding Career, Build Your Personal Brand, Create a Powerful Professional Portfolio, Become an Interview Superstar)


Module 3: Conversational Selling Playbook for SDRs

(Learn the Conversational Selling Methodology, Generate Leads and Narrow Your Prospect List, Apply Conversational Selling Across Multiple Channels, Get Results with Emotional Intelligence, Design a Multi-Channel Outreach Approach)


Module 4: Boosting Productivity through the Tech Stack

(Tech Tool Basics for Sales Development, Ground Your Workflow with Salesforce, Optimize Your Workflow with Sales Intelligence Tools, Strategize, Interact, and Track with Sales Engagement Tools, Create Leverage with Social Media and Video Prospecting Tools)


Module 5: Practical Guide to Navigating Professional Relationships

(Prioritize Professional and Empathetic Communication, Speak With Confidence and Clarity, Empathize and Challenge in Written Communication, Hone Your Cultural Competency Skills in the Workplace, Accelerate Learning in the First 30-60-90 Days of Work)

Why Enroll for Salesforce Sales Development Representative?


  • Articulate the purpose of the Sales Development Representative role and develop strategies for your personal and professional success

  • Prepare a professional portfolio and develop your personal brand to reflect your performance in the interview process

  • Apply the success-proven principles of the SV Academy Conversational Selling methodology

  • Problem-solve using the best-in-class tech tools of the SDR workflow
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¹Burning Glass Labor Insight Report data (median with 0-2 years experience), United States, 4/1/21-3/31/22.


in-demand job openings in data science¹



Upon successful completion of Salesforce Sales Development Representative, participants will be awarded a verified

i) Professional Diploma in Salesforce Sales Development Representative by Mantissa College Career Academy

ii) Digital certificate by Salesforce

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